Carpet Cleaning

HALF PRICE- Dirty carpets hold dust, dead skin cells, dirt and allergens which cause problems to sufferers of asthma, eczema, and Rhinitis. Our technicians will get your carpet looking new, without leaving it damp for hours. Eliminate the dirt. Book now.


Carpet Cleaning Service

$ 135 .00 Includes Whole House
  • "no gimmicks, no add-ons policy"
  • Bonnet Carpet Cleaning
  • All Carpeted Areas!!
  • Rapid Drying!!
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The special we have running right now on carpet cleaning is $135.00. This includes all carpeted areas you want cleaned throughout your home. We understand some homes have more carpet than others, but since we are already scheduling other homes on your block and we are commited to our "no gimmicks, no add-ons policy", we are able to do each home for just $135.00 total.

We offer the latest technology in the carpet cleaning industry, BONNET CARPET CLEANING. Bonnet Carpet cleaning, is one of five carpet cleaning methods recognized by the carpet and rug institute as a safe, effective way to maintain your carpet. (we're the ones without the musty, wet-water smell!)